‘Neymar from FC Barcelona is my big example as a professional football player’

Archero Hoever (17) is seen as one of the bigger talents in Surinamese football. had an interview with Robinhood’s self-conscious attacker.

Which clubs have you played for so far?
‘I played seven years for Transvaal and I have been playing now for Robinhood for four years.’

Do you have a dream club abroad?
‘Of course I have a dream club abroad, namely Feyenoord.’

What are your strengths as a football player?
‘My strengths as a football player are: ball control, coaching skills, communication, goal scoring quality, dedication, attacking and defending skills, strong ball possession skills, focus on the goal and above all the mentality of a winner.’

Who is your example as a professional football player?
‘Neymar from FC Barcelona is my big example as a professional football player.’

What do you think should happen in order to raise the Surinam football to a higher level?
‘Business must contribute to the growth and development of Surinamese football. Financially, we need more support, more investment in Surinamese football has to be done. People need to show more confidence in the football players by, for example, setting up a football school. In doing so, policies must be made, for example in the field of transfers and better facilities should be provided for all players, in the youth as well as in the Topclass league. Finally, players must have the will to perform better.’

Do you think you are ready for a move to a club outside of Suriname? A nice example is Roscello Vlijter (Feyenoord).
‘Of course, because I possess the qualities. I would therefore be an excellent gain.’

What is your opinion about dual nationality?
‘Must be made possible, as there are boys with big qualities abroad who can get the chance to play for the national football team of Suriname.’

How do you think that you performed with Natio U17 in Panama?
‘I performed well but it could be better because this is the first time that the Surinamese U-17 selection has reached the final stages.’

What are you satisfied the most with?
‘I’m mostly pleased with my commitment and of course the goal I’ve made against Cuba!’

How did you personally experience the tournament?
‘It was a great tournament. I experienced it as very well and I could show off my qualities there in Panama.’

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