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FIFA President Infantino: Suriname must find a solution to the dual nationality

Gianni Infantino

Two days ago, FIFA president Gianni Infantino visited Suriname. The visit is part of a short tour of the Caribbean. During his tour he visited Aruba, Trinidad, Grenada and Guyana. In Suriname he conducted the launch of the more than one million dollar costing project ‘Owru Cul’.

Gianni Infantino

The Swiss talked to the vice-president Ashwin Adhin and the recently re-elected chairman of the Surinamese Football Association (SVB), John Krishnadath. He pointed out to the two union officials that Suriname will be excluded from international matches if it doesn’t have a stadium which meets the minimum requirements in 2018.

Vice President Ashwin Adhin told the press that the explanation of Infantino was obvious. Infantino was impressed by the fact that the SVB had a complete plan for the construction of a new stadium. He highlighted that a stadium that meets all the conditions, not only would the world of football benefit, but also many other sectors.

Gianni Infantino

Dual nationality

Furthermore, they also discussed the issue of dual nationality. Suriname is the only member country of the FIFA that doesn’t make use of it. This is because the Surinamese law doesn’t have a solution for this. Infantino feels that a solution must be found for this, because we must seek equality for all member countries of the FIFA.

Gianni Infantino

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