In conversation with Roscello Vlijter

Roscello Vlijter

The editors of Natiosuriname.sr will do a step by step follow up on Natio U-17 on their way to the end tournament of the CONCACAF Gold Cup in Panama (april 21st – may 7th 2017). The best 4 teams of the CONCACAF end tournament will qualify for the FIFA World Cup U-17 2017 in India.

In the section ‘Natio U-17 goes Panama’ attention will be paid to the preparation of Natio U-17 by means of interviews, news coverages and other means of media coverages. During the end tournament, we will report on the matches of Natio U-17.

Today, we introduce to you the biggest talent of Suriname and Feyenoord, Roscello Vlijter.

Congratulations on your selection for Natio U-17 for the CONCACAF Gold Cup in Panama. Did you expect to be selected?

I had expected that because when I lived and played in Suriname, I had always been in the selection but you never know, one has to wait and see.

How do you rate your chances?

We have a strong selection so I think there are opportunities to advance to the next round. The opponents we need to play against are very strong but again I believe in ourselves because we also have a very solid squad.

Which talented players from Natio U-17 do we need to keep a close eye on?

Off course one needs to keep a close eye on everyone but one needs to pay especially attention to Archero Hoever, Jaycee Marsidin and Joshua Evelyn.

Do you think that you will ever make “big” Natio?

Yes I know for sure because I’m on the right track but you never know.

Roscello Vlijter heeft afgelopen zaterdag zijn debuut gemaakt voor Feyenoord o17. De Surinaamse aanvaller kwam in de zomer over, en is nu pas officieel speelgerechtigd. @roscellorv ????⚽??

163 Likes, 2 Comments – Natio Suriname (@natiosuriname.sr) on Instagram: “Roscello Vlijter heeft afgelopen zaterdag zijn debuut gemaakt voor Feyenoord o17. De Surinaamse…”

You have made the transition from Robinhood to Feyenoord. Can you keep up well or do you need to work very hard to keep up the pace with the other guys?

Yes indeed it was a big transition. They are over here, especially tactical, at a high level. I think I can compensate a lot because of my technical skills but I always have to keep on working hard.

How did you end up at Feyenoord?
It was with the help of Tony Pengel (http://www.tonysfootballschool.nl/) that I ended up at Feyenoord. I am very grateful for this great opportunity. He discovered me at his football academy in Suriname.

How do you like it in the Netherlands? Are you living with a host family or at relatives?

For me it is family reunification, I live with relatives.

Do you miss Suriname?

Off course I miss my other family members, friends and acquaintances over there. But I’m a man on a mission.

Do you think you can make the 1st team of Feyenoord or the 1st team of another professional football organisation?

I think so because they didn’t just take me on to their youth training education. But it starts with working hard and giving all you’ve got.

How do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself playing at a beautiful club in a strong league in Europe.

Is there anything you would like to share with the Natio fans?

Support us in prosperity and adversity, you can expect us to do our utmost to appear on the World Championship with Suriname.

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