‘It takes more than just plans to realise something’

Anthony Pengel

Anthony Pengel, born in Rotterdam and from Suriname descent, is a man with good qualities and a splendid resume. Nowadays, soccer is his main daily activity. In this area, he is very successful.

Tony’s Soccer School (TFS)

In 2004 Pengel started his own academy, Tony’s Soccer School (TFS). It all started as a favour for very talented players from professional football organizations and is turned into a respected football school with a methodology. “We use the S.P.O.R.T. methodology*. This allows for interaction, education, development, result-oriented and future prospects. Those terms refer to the way we want to work. Due to our approach, players made steps, such as amateur players who went to a professional football organization and players from professional football organizations who made steps to top level squads at professional level.’

This is where the journey started. This is where i met some wonderful people. I’d like to thank the Oase-team, because they did an incredible job. There were over 90 players that day. Now 2 of them already found their way in Europe and there are still a few to come thru my effort. I will do what is in my power to get it done. I want to thank everybody who helped me to do this, but a special thanks to my dear friend Bryan Weegman who arranged alot in Suriname. @mengalvio_srw , ouwe and Rudy i’m glad you guys always helped and believed in this project. #tfs #worldwide #wherethegamechanges #love

62 Likes, 2 Comments – TFS (@tonysfootballschool) on Instagram: “This is where the journey started. This is where i met some wonderful people. I’d like to thank the…”

Pengel gives two examples of players who have improved through Tony’s Soccer School (TFS).We have trained “Alvaro Verwey (18) and Roscello Vlijter (17). As a result, they grew to a certain base level. I lead the practices with one of the trainers at my football school, Patrick Woerst.”

Verwey, currently playing for Danish club Vejle Boldklub, is the first Suriname born youth player who directly made a transfer from Suriname to a European club. Vlijter moved from Robin Hood to the youth department of Feyenoord. He recently made his debut for the club from Rotterdam.

* In Dutch, the S.P.O.R.T. methodology stands for Samenspel, Pedagogiek, Ontwikkeling, Resultaatgericht en Toekomstperspectief

Natio U-17

The U-17 team, headed by coach Rogillio Kolf, is gearing up for the finals of the CONCACAF GOLD CUP in Panama (April 21st – 7 May 7th 2017). According to Pengel this unprecedented success is great. “In 2015, I had the opportunity to train thirty boys in the age group of U-13 and U-15. A majority of these guys are playing in the Natio U-17 squad now. I tried to elevate the mental level off these guys and to convince them of the fact that they should believe in themselves. So I believe I played an important part in their current development.”

natio 17
Dual nationality

None other than FIFA President Gianni Infantino visited Suriname during a brief tour through the Caribbean. The subject dual nationality was discussed. Suriname is the only member country of FIFA that does not use the dual nationality. Infantino believes that one should come up with a solution because he pursues equality of all member countries. Pengel: “It is essential that dual nationality is introduced, because it is important to have the opportunity to represent the roots of your country. It does not matter to me that you haven’t lived in Suriname. It is about a feeling.”

The visit of Infantino has not gone unnoticed by Pengel. “When the FIFA boss himself speaks so open about this issue then it’s serious. With boys outside of Suriname added you can win a match from a country like Mexico. “Also in other areas, the dual nationality can provide a boost. “The level of SVB Telesur Topklasse (highest football club level in Suriname) will rise because the guys who play in this competition will get in touch with better players during the training of the national team. In this way, they will improve themselves. I say it like this: ’the increase in quality on top level will also have a positive effect on lower level.’

Gianni Infantino

During his visit, Infantino also emphasized that Suriname needs to have a stadium that meets the minimum requirements in 2018. Otherwise, the South American country will be excluded from playing international matches. Pengel is clear on this. “Seeing is believing. It takes more than just plans to realise something. Nevertheless, I look at this in a positive way.”

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