‘I could be the first Surinamese director of Football in the Premier League’

Natio Suriname ( again had interviewed Brian Tevreden. With Reading FC, he has delivered a great performance by qualifying for the play-offs for promotion to the Premier League. The Royals are 3 more matches away from this master piece. On May 29, we will know whether he will be the first Surinam technical director in the history of the Premier League.

First of all, congratulations on securing a place for the play-offs. The editors of think that you have delivered a splendid performance as the director of football by reaching the play-offs with Reading FC. How do you look back on the season so far?

‘I have to say: a successful season. You must see the bigger picture: the way we played and the fact that we have brought the fans closer together. The believe in the club is back again. Plus we have given the club national and international recognition back. Everyone is following us again, among others the Netherlands and many more countries. If you look at the bigger picture than you can say it’s a successful season.’

How important is it to finish 3rd in the final ranking?

‘Like a real sportsman you always want to finish as high as possible. You play for the highest position. The teams finishing from 3rd to 6th in the EFL Championship will play for a ticket in the premier league. But again, like a real sportsman you always want to finish as high as possible. I don’t care who we will meet.’

What about the current form of Reading FC?

‘I have to say: in terms of form it’s average. But what I want to say is that the play-offs are a lottery. It’s a small competition but I have good faith. Our latest results were very good, there are a few things we need to improve on. But I am positive about that.’

What are the chances of Reading FC in this play-off?

Although we have the smallest budget, I think in terms of potential, we have a great chance together with Fulham FC.”

It would be a world class achievement if you and Reading FC would reach the premier league. Last season Reading FC was situated in the lower regions of the league but since your appointment as the technical director it’s been a 180 turn around. Are the clubs queuing for you?

‘If we make the play-offs, in my debut season as technical director, that would be great. A few clubs have made inquiries but I want to finish my project here at Reading. If you continue to do your best, in the long run the clubs will come. But as I said, my full focus is on Reading FC only.’

Are you the only Surinamese technical director in English football?

‘As far as I know in England yes. It’s bizarre actually, but I could be the first Surinam technical director to be in the Premier League. The funny part is that there are none in the Netherlands either. History is in the making.’

How are the Dutch players of Reading FC doing in terms of play time and physical shape?

‘Roy Beerens has played just about every game. Joey van den Berg is the favorite of the Reading fans. He has suffered a small setback with an injury but he has a major impact in current success. Denzel Gravenberch also had a number of injuries and has not been able to show his full potential yet.’

Do you think Reading will be of any value in the Premier League?

‘I think we can certainly be of any value. I am referring to the way we play football, the charisma we have and the philosophy we have with regards to our Academy boys. In addition, we play a refreshing kind of football, we have a great stadium and a fantastic audience.’

How proud can Suriname be of you?

‘We Surinamese can be proud of what I have achieved so far. Often the press only writes about us if things don’t go well. But if it goes well you hear no one. A good example is Patrick Kluivert. He is going through a lesser period with Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and the media is relentless. Now that everything is going very well with another Surinamese, we need to spread the word too. Positive media coverage about Surinamese people is always good. I was born in Suriname and I am a huge proud Surinamese and the world should know.

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